Taking a motorcycle taxi for the first time

Most weekdays I spend at Suzy Peacock highschool. I take a matatu there which lets me off by a dust on which I have to walk for about 10 minutes. On my way to school I see corn fields, donkeys and families working on their little farms. One day though I was late. I hurried to the matatu stage and arriving, the matatu that I was going to take was empty meaning it would take ages for it to leave. I guess it wouldn’t have been the end of the world being late but I really didn’t want to be late during my first week, I wanted to keep the good impression. I looked around and saw a bunch of taxis standing by the road. They wanted way too much than I had on me to take me to the school and made clear that he would drive on any dust roads.

IMG_3833 I looked around again and saw the motorcycles and their drivers standing on the other side of the street. At that moment I felt that I didn’t really have a choice and went up to them and asked how much he would charge to take me there. The price was reasonable but now, oh my god I was going to take a motorcycle taxi. I asked if I could have the helmet but it wouldn’t have made a difference in case of an accident since it didn’t have any lock. I decided to jump on the bike anyway and just hope that nothing bad would happen.

The motorcycle taxi gang waiting for customers at one of the street corners of Eldoret

We were soon out on the countryside and he speeded up. We passed cars both on the right and the left side of the rode and slalomed our way between the cars. When we passed the big trucks I closed my eyes and did not open them again until I knew that we were safe again.I thought this could be one of those stupid moments when you make an irrational decision because your stressed and then you regret it, but I made it.

The dust road leading up to the school where I’m conducting my study

I arrived at the school two minutes before my observation was going to start. The driver asked me how I was doing and I said good which was true, I felt really good, I had made it and I had made it on time. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body and my feet vibrating from being placed close to the engine. Taking a motorbike was fun and I’ll definetly do it again. It might be a risk but people do it everyday here it’s a way of life.


2 thoughts on “Taking a motorcycle taxi for the first time

    1. Yeah, since then I have been using motorbikes frequently and love how fast they can take you places, especially when there’s a lot of traffic!


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