Chapati with sukuma and a cold beer please!

I’ve been in Eldoret now for more than a week and this little town has so far proved to give me many interesting experiences. I’m living at a place called Bubbles Inn which is right in the centre of the town. It’s a nice clean and reasonable priced hotel. After living here for some time now I think I have manage to make a home out of it. If I had the choice though I would have liked to live at a place where I could cook my own food but it was difficult to find around here. Living without cooking facilities means that I have to go out for dinner everyday which can be rather boring when a visit to a restaurant turns into a basic need instead of something pleasurable that you treat yourself with every once in a while.

The typical African food is always the cheapest and trying to keep my spendings down I’ve treated myself to many African dishes so far and found a favorite combination, chapati and sukuma, which would cost you about 100 ksh (about 0,8 euros). Chapati is flatbread which looks like a mixture between naan and tortilla bread, sukuma is something that tastes like fried kale mixed with onions and tomatoes. Tip: a lot of times sukuma is not on the menu so you need just to ask for it but they always seem to have it.

One of the fancier meals that I had but here you can see the cold beers and the chapati

One evening in one of those restaurants I craved a beer after a long day at the school to swallow down my chapati and sukuma. So I ordered a Tusker and was asked if I wanted it warm or cold. I hesitated for a few seconds wondering if the waiter was joking with me, but he wasn’t. Cold, I wanted my beer cold! But for the rest of my time here I’m not going to specify how I want my beer, just to hear that question. Because every time I get asked it’s a reminder that small everyday life things are different here and different is fun. But, always cold for me please…


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