Notes on the road from Nairobi to Eldoret

I could have taken a one-hour flight but instead I chose to take the bus, partly for the money and partly because of the adventure of taking local transport. I didn’t go all in and took a matatu (small mini-van) though but the rather luxurious Easy Coach which cost me about 1200ksh.

I arrived at the Nairobi bus station early on Tuesday morning. A lot of people were standing next to the busses and it was difficult to get through the crowds with my huge backpack and at the same time trying to figure out which one of the many buses was mine.


I finally found my bus and took aseat. I had heard rumors that the Easy Coach buses were going to be equipped with seat belts. They did have seat belts but I doubt that they would have helped in case of an accident since they seemed to be made for obese people and couldn’t be adjusted. I lady entered the bus and handed out free cookies to everyone. A man went around the seats selling news papers and I bought one, sat back and relaxed taking in the latest news.

Leaving Nairobi I saw townships with metal sheds scattered along the road. I saw goats and sheep roaming around eating grass. I saw people sitting by the road selling live turkeys that they kept in a herd next to them. Soon we were on the countryside where people slowly worked their way through their plots in the cool morning sun. We passed lake Naivasha and lake Nakuru and I could enjoy the stunning views from my bus seat.

Suddenly I saw something that looked like a horse but it had white and black stripes. I couldn’t believe my eyes, yes, yes, yes it was a zebra, no it was four zebras, no suddenly I saw a whole horde of zebras calmly chewing on grass in the shadow of the trees. I wanted to shout out sounds of joy like a child but then I realized that the zebras were probably like seeing horses for most people on the bus.

I had needed to pee all the way since Nairobi and now four hours later I was desperate. I observed how buses and mini vans stopped along the way at gasstations and small restaurants and I was wondering when it was our turn. But it turned out that Easy Coach had their own private stop along the way, only for Easy Coach buses. I went to the toilet and bought some snacks and then I was good to go for another four hours or so.


We arrived in Eldoret more than an hour before scheduled which was a nice surprise. I stepped of the bus and confidently started walking down the street. A few people asked me if I wanted to get a taxi but otherwise no one bothered me at all. I arrived at Bubbles Inn and was showed to my room which was just perfect with a hot shower, a bed and a small desk. I lay down on the bed for a few minutes and soon fell asleep.


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