Strolling around Nairobi alone

On Saturday, the day after I arrived in Nairobi I woke up after a good night’s sleep. I had breakfast which was pancakes, bananas and coffee (which tasted more like tea than anything else, but it didn’t matter because the pancakes were delicious). I had my mind set on doing Nairobi and the Masaai market. The plan was originally to book a guided tour with the hostel so that I wouldn’t go alone but they told me that I would be fine. So, I decided that was what I would do.

I started walking down the street from the hostel. I felt really insecure and had no idea what to expect. But the neighborhood where my hostel is located turned out to be pretty calm and I soon found myself rather comfortable as I walked down the street. However, as I approached the city centre everything got slightly more hectic. I tried to enjoy the surroundings but my mind was too preoccupied with keeping my guard up. A few people came up to talk to me as I came closer to the market, they shook my hand and I made sure to keep the left hand on my purse.



And this is pretty much how my day went on, I was so sure that I was going to get robbed at some point but it never happened. I also though that I would feel really insecure walking around alone especially because I’m a woman but I didn’t. I kept my guard up all the time though and probably will continue to do as travel through Africa. I also though I was going to get really enjoyed by all the people coming up to me but some of the encounters actually turned out to be rather nice conversations.



So, o sum up the day:
– I got 4 business cards from people who wanted to sell Safari tours.
– I din’t get robbed
– I was only asked if I was married once.
– I was only called ’mzungo’ (someone with white skin) once (I can can tell you know that this was the only time for my whole stay in Nairobi)
– The city is not as chaotic as i thought it would be.
– I felt really safe wandering around the city alone (however, I will probably continue to keep my guard up, just in case).


2 thoughts on “Strolling around Nairobi alone

    1. Ja speciellt eftersom jag hade förväntat mig att jag inte skulle kunna strosa runt själv eftersom jah trodde att folk skulle säga att det var för farligt.


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