From Sweden to Kenya

The whole day I had my mind set on the moment when I would walk out of the door with my backpack on my back and slowly start to make my way towards the train station where I would take the train to go to the airport. And then, it was finally time to leave and start the journey.

As I walked I started to get a tingling feeling in my stomach which I always get when I know I’m on my way somewhere. I timed the train perfectly and arrived early at the airport. I checked in and when I got passed security I could feel my heart beating with excitement. I boarded the fanciest plane I had ever been on, with fresh flowers and marble tables. I thought that I would doze off immediately but food and drinks where served which kept me busy for a few hours.


I arrived in Doha to catch my connecting flight ot Nairobi early in the morning and made my way through the airport and the massive lines and arrived at the gate just in time for it to open. I slept, ate and watched Bollywood movies on the flight. And at some point I started to feel reality closing in. I was getting nervous for what would happen when I got off the plane, would the driver be there? would he take me to the right hostel? would the hostel be nice?, those and a lot of other thoughts swirled around in my head as the plane approached Nairobi.

When I arrived at the airport I went through immigration, which was surprisingly fast and effective. I was a little bit worried since I didn’t have a return ticket from Kenya but nobody seemed to bother. As I exit the airport I started to look for a sign with my name on it and realized that there were more than 50 signs holding up different names and flight numbers. I thought that I would never find my sign until something finally caught my eye. There was my name on the only handwritten sign in the crowd of drivers!

The hostel turned out to be great and I spend the afternoon in its garden drinking beer on a plastic chair and enjoying the perfect 25 degree weather until I went to bed super early to recover from my lack of sleep during the flights.

So far so good!


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