Goodbye and questions to ponder

Today I said goodbye to my boyfriend and now we won’t see each other for 2,5 months. It’s the longest time we have ever been apart from each other. This was our last weekend together and we just talked the days away and did whatever we felt like. There was a lot of feelings when we finally said goodbye but we’ll be fine.

I have been preparing myself for leaving for 6 months, both mentally and practically. Still it’s difficult to get my head around the idea that I will be off in just a few days. During the weekend my boyfriend has been asking me questions like, ”what would you do if…”

…you had just gotten robbed of everything you own including your computer?

What would you do if you got really sick?

What would you do if you felt lonely ?

And so on…

It might seem like I’m preparing for the worse, but bad things might happen and lonely I will feel at times fore sure. It felt good to answer the questions and to reassure myself of the fact that I will probably be able to handle the different scenarios he presented to me. I think I’m prepared to leave.


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