On malaria medication

For the past months I’ve been considering what kind of malaria medication to take. In the past it was enough to drink a few gin and tonics a day since the quinine (in the tonic water) worked it’s magic against the parasites. Unfortunately the the parasites have gotten resistent to the quinine and it take more than a few cocktails to stay healthy. For those who are familiar with the subject of malaria medication it is not as trivial as it might sound.

I started to read about the types of medication one can choose from several months ago. When going to Sub Saharan Africa there are two types available here in Sweden, Malarone and Lariam. Both can have pretty bad side effects and Lariam is suppose the worse. I was horrified when I read that it might make you suicidal give you psychosis and the like.

Malarone has less known side effects, but there is a catch. It’s super expensive and you have to take it everyday and you only have to take Lariam once a week and cost much less. Of course people do take Lariam without feeling any of the side effects because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sell it. But I imagined myself alone in a hostel bed, getting paranoias and panic attacks and I decided that at least this time, being alone and everything, it’s not worth risking it.

Please share your experiences here if you have any!


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