Do they have Kindles in Kenya?

If “Is it dangerous in Kenya” i the most common question I get when I tell people that I’m going to Kenya ”Do they have e-readers in Kenya is the most common question I get when I tell people what I’m planning to write my thesis about.

If it has been unclear so far, I’m going to visit a school in Kenya where they are using Kindles. By using the Kindles a very basic problem is solved, access to books, which in turn has proven to increase literacy rates. As the whole world is getting more connected through electronic devices skills related to information and communication are valuable. Kindles’ or other ereaders’ ability to facilitate the children to acquire those skills are of great importance.

Try to think about it like this: if the entire Western part of the world are investing an insane amount of money on in information and communication technology in society in general but more particular in schools why wouldn’t the rest of the world want to do they same and why shouldn’t they?

Of course Kindles or other types of e-readers won’t do any good if basic needs such as water and food are not covered. But just like in the rest of the world, books and tools for information and communication is regarded as something very important. Governments and NGOs are recognizing this and there are a lot of programs were technology is used to raise the quality of education in the developing world.

So, yes, they do use technology in some classrooms in Kenya. There are a lot of success stories which you can read about in many corners of the web, but I want to see them with my own eyes. Maybe they won’t be the kind of success stories with a photo of children smiling in the background of a catchy print where it says that the blablabla tools has increased blablabla with 1000%. Maybe they will just be stories of people who say that they love technology but I think those stories will carry an important message too.

2 thoughts on “Do they have Kindles in Kenya?

  1. Haha skrattar på ett rätt trött sätt åt att det fortfarande är en sån stark fördom om att man ska bo i någon slags hydda så fort man åker till något land i Afrika.


  2. Ja det är svårt och veta hur man ska reagera själv.Men trots allt så är det på något sätt spännande att möta alla dessa fördomar så direkt. Min erfarenhet såhär långt är att även om de allra flesta förstår att det rent logiskt inte kan vara så, är det ändå den bilden många förknippar med Afrika.


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