One step closer – someone else has the keys to my apartment

For this trip my boyfriend and I decided to let our apartment. To be honest this is the part about my trip that I have been the most worried about

The thing is, I would have managed financially without letting someone else live there. But I knew that it was something I had to do. I needed to have that experience and overcome the uneasiness of someone else living in my apartment and using my things. I mean, I will probably have to do it again.


And, just a few days ago, it finally happened, I handed over the keys. When we left the apartment too late on Saturday evening after we had been moving and cleaning the whole day I had a melt down and regretted that I ever came up with the idea of doing this. I felt like crying but I toughened up, had something to eat, slept and felt so much better maybe even great.


The process of cleaning out the apartment and organizing and throwing away things was of course a daunting one. My boyfriend and I joked about blowing off the whole thing several times. But now when it’s finally done it feels good. Of course I have no idea how everything will work out in the end. The couple who are renting the apartment are going to live there until the end of January, but still it feels like I have made it and can cross something off my bucket list. Yes, it was on my bucket list!

Lesson learned from this is definitely that it’s worth doing things that scares you. Because 99% of the time you will end up thinking it was not as bad as you thought it would be.


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