Packing for Africa

I love packing and organizing things before a going on a trip. This time I need to be really careful so that I only pack things that are really useful since I’m planning to bring only my 45L backpack and a hand luggage. Of course I could bring a bigger bag but since I’m planning to travel afterwards I want my packing to be as small and light as possible. Since I have to leave the apartment a month before leaving Kenya I have already filled my backpack with most of the things that I need for the trip.
So far everything fits and I have more space left. Unfortunately this time I need to bring quite a lot of technology in order to be able to write my thesis and keep this blog running, which makes the packing a little bit harder. I only hope that I will manage to keep it safe throughout the trip. However, from previous experience I’ve learnt that it’s not the big things like clothes and technology that takes up weight and space but all the little things that are super necessary and which you end up throwing into your backpack at the very end.

I might need to repack a couple of times before I’m happy. But I know it’s worth a lot to have an organized backpack where everything has it’s place.

Wish me good luck!


2 thoughts on “Packing for Africa

    1. Tack! Ja det är så spännande! Dock är det ganska sjukt att ryggsäcken står packad men jag åker inte förrän om en månad. På grund av omständigheterna var det dock det smartaste att göra. (Tack för min allra första kommentar på den här bloggen! Nu blir jag så peppad att skriva ännu mer!)


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