Planning the trip – The first week or so

I’ve worked on these plans for the past weeks (mostly thinking and processing) and it feels like everything is finally coming together. This is how I’ve planned it so far:


 On 2 October I will arrive in Nairobi. I’m planning to spend the first days getting used to the fact that I will spend the coming months on the African continent. I’m hoping to enjoy nice people, nice food and maybe get a little bit of work done. I’ve decided to treat myself to a single room for these nights so that I will be able to relax properly and get as much alone-time as I want.

A few days later I will leave for Eldoret. I talked to a another travel blogger called Manouk who visited Eldoret in 2011 and she gave me the advice to book a nicer hotel for the first night and then go around town trying to find something cheaper. So that’s what I’m doing.
These are my plans for maybe the first week but there will be more as soon. I’m already so excited about the fact that I’m planning and doing this all by myself. Deciding everything on my own, deciding what feels good for me and considering what will enjoy through every single step, feels amazing.

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