Writing an essay is a process…a frustrating one

We are probably many who are going to write essays this autumn. Including me. That’s my main objective while in Kenya. It’s no doubt a frustrating process. At the moment I’m at the most frustrating stage of them all when I’m trying to find my theoretical framework and see where my thesis fits.


It’s a stressful process with so many doubts involved. I doubt the work I’m doing everyday. I doubt that I know enough to start writing and I doubt that I have found the right material that will help me create strong and smooth arguments. Though somehow I need to handle all those doubts and turn them into something doubtless.


But it’s a process and I will come out as a slightly wiser person on the other side. Because I’m learning so much about myself in this process at the same time as I’m learning about the field I have decided to dig deeper into.

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