Dealing with anxiety before embarking on your journey – 3 things

As time draws closer to the date of departure I’m staring to feel anxiety come and go. I know that it’s completely normal to feel the way I do. I mean what I’m doing is quite a big thing for me. One thing is that I’m, except for a few smaller trips in Europe, will be traveling alone for the first time. I’m not the kind of person who feels that I need a travel companion though, but still i involves a greater challenge to travel without a companion. Here are three things that I have been doing up until now to calm myself down.


1. Make plans for the first days.  
Book a nice hotel and look up a nice restaurant that you would want to visit. For my first days in Nairobi I found a place which will allow me for relax for a couple of days and let me think about the fact that I have finally arrived in Kenya and that I will be staying there for more than two months. I nice hotel and a nice restaurant is of course always relative. I found a really nice backpacker hostel which seems to be located in rather nice area in Nairobi. I will be able to eat my dinner their in the company of other travels and I will also be able to go on excursions with them around Nairobi, the national park and animal sanctuaries.


2. Try to enjoy the planning
Now and then I stop and think about how lucky I am to be able to plan a trip like this. It’s really a dream come true and as much I think I will enjoy and grow from my months in Africa I enjoy and grow from the process of planning. At the same time as it’s a little bit overwhelming to think about the fact that I have to decide everything myself it also gives me an empowering sense of independence.


3. Make lists when you feel that your head is about to burst
Embarking on a longer trip there is always several things to be organized. Things like renting out you apartment, organizing your itinerary, and smaller things that you will have to do before you go. Combined, these things can seem like a huge thing and anxiety can easily kick in. When I feel like that or even before I make lists. So far I made many lists and will probably make many more before I leave. They make me feel organized and it calms me down when I can cross something off knowing I have come a little bit closer to the goal.

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