The trip is evolving

From the very beginning, this trip was about me going to Kenya for two months and maybe a little bit of vacation after that. But the trip soon turned into more than just that. My boyfriend got inspired and wanted to do something similar. He applied for a few things and shortly after that he had gotten a scholarship for an internship in South Africa.


So now, I’m going to Kenya for about 8 weeks, after that I will be traveling with my boyfriend for 3 weeks and then I will stay with him for a few weeks in Cape Town. We have a lot to plan but we are making progress.
We are going to be on the same continent but still very far from each other. For christmas we are planning to meet half-way. Maybe in Harare or Lusaka, and then a few stops on our way down to Johannesburg where Victoria Falls is included for sure.
One important thing that I have to face though is that you can’t plan everything. You can’t simply find everything on the Internet and some things are just meant to be unexpected.

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